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What is the difference among your Peruvian Virgin hair, Brazilian Virgin hair and Indian Remy hair ?


1.Hair Quality :

Brazilian Virgin hair  > Peruvian Virgin hair >  Indian Remy hair.

2.Short Hair Ratio:

 Brazilian Virgin hair < Peruvian Virgin hair < Indian Remy hair.

3.Thickness and Strong

Brazilian Virgin hair  > Peruvian Virgin hair > Indian Remy hair.

4.Holding curls

Brazilian Virgin hair > Peruvian Virgin hair >  Indian Remy hair.

5.Dying Color:

Brazilian Virgin hair &  Peruvian Virgin hair Natural Color can be dyed to any color.  But if you choose specific color, such as #1, #1b,#3..., then this hair CAN NOT be dyed to lighter color, even it is made using virgin hair.

 Indian Remy Hair Only can be dyed to darker colors than its original color.



Brazilian Virgin  hair : ★★★★★

Peruvian Virgin  hair: ★★★★

Indian Remy hair: ★★★


 Best seller 

Brazilian Virgin  hair : ★★★★★

Peruvian Virgin  hair: ★★★★

Indian Remy hair: ★★★



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