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                                                                                    --YOUR HAIR , YOUR LIFE !

We used to be the OEM factory over 15 years , providing the TOP quality 100% Virgin Human Remy Hair .
We know it can be overwhelming to find high-quality hair in today’s expanding hair market. Many traditional hair retailers and online stores sell chemically treated and poor-quality hair disguised as premium virgin remy hair.
Most hair from beauty supply stores and online retailers is not remy hair. Non-remy hair needs to be chemically treated to avoid tangles. This chemical treatment involves an acid bath, after which the hair is coated with silicone to make it shiny and tangle free. Hair treated using this process will soon lose its sheen and texture and quickly become dull, stiff, and dry.
This obvious need for Affordable, High-Quality hair and First-Class Customer Service is what motivated us to start OMGHERHAIR.
 “OMG , I can’t believe how Superior Quality hair with so Affordable price! Every clients of our factory wearing our hair is So Amazing , Natural , Beautiful !  “ More and more clients bought hair from us.
We don’t just sell hair , We Know hair! Our understanding for this need and of hair itself has made us a trusted expert and retailer for virgin remy hair products.    


                                                            Why Choose Us?

 ♥ We provide 100% human virgin remy hair

Our hair is never chemically processed or altered in any way. Our hair cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, from root to tip, preventing tangles and mats.

 ♥ We know, you deserve the best

We carefully select our hair to ensure our product is consistently of the highest quality and durability. 

♥ We don't just sell hair, we know hair

We are experts on virgin remy hair products and a trusted retailer for hair customers and professionals. 

Our knowledge of hair products allows us to support you at every step of the process: selection, purchase, styling and care.

 ♥ At the best competitive prices .

Our hair is imported directly from India, Malaysia, Brazil and China. We are able to offer the highest-quality hair at the best possible prices.

 ♥ With first-class customer support .

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing the best-quality hair at the best prices, along with first-class customer support. 
We offer the most flexible and convenient shipping, return, and exchange policy in the industry, including free shipping on all orders and returns and exchanges within 7 days after the product delivery date. 
We are available to answer your questions, provide our help, and serve all your hair needs.

If you have any questions contact us at service@omgherhair.com 



                                           About our hair 

What is the difference among your Peruvian Virgin hair, Brazilian Virgin hair and Indian Remy hair ?


1.Hair Quality :

Brazilian Virgin hair  > Peruvian Virgin hair >  Indian Remy hair.

2.Short Hair Ratio:

Peruvian Virgin hair < Brazilian Virgin hair <  Indian Remy hair.

3.Thickness and Strong

Brazilian Virgin hair  > Peruvian Virgin hair > Indian Remy hair.

4.Holding curls

Brazilian Virgin hair > Peruvian Virgin hair >  Indian Remy hair.

5.Dying Color:

Brazilian Virgin hair &  Peruvian Virgin hair Natural Color can be dyed to any color.  But if you choose specific color, such as #1, #1b,#3..., then this hair CAN NOT be dyed to lighter color, even it is made using virgin hair.

 Indian Remy Hair Only can be dyed to darker colors than its original color.


Recommendation & Best seller 

Peruvian Virgin  hair : ★★★★★

Brazilian Virgin  hair: ★★★★

Indian Remy hair: ★★★


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